Uni' s Project

Here are some or my project works from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge School of Arts, the course of MA Children's Book Illustration 2021 - 2022.

Observation and Experiment/ 2021

Here are some of observation drawing and experimental works from my sketchbook.

The Sequential Image: Father Tree/ 2021

Our second course module is The Sequential Image. The theme I choose is Father Tree.

I want to use the relationship between tree and kid to indicate father' s love.

Storyboard sketches for <Father Tree>

Final artwork for <Father Tree>

<Father Tree> Carousel book / 2021

Apart from traditional picture book, in this module, I also experimented different form of book. Here is the carousel book version of Father Tree.

Storyboard sketches and laser cutting layout setting.

Final colored artwork (digital).

Final artwork (after printed).

The Paradox: Crimson/ 2022

The first module in the second semester is The Paradox. In this module, we need to choose a topic and try to focus on a specific age group to develop our project. The theme for my project is friendship.

<Crimson> Storyboards rough.

<Crimson> cover design.

<Crimson> final artwork.

Master Stage Project: Iwan/ 2022

The idea was Inspired by my deceased grandmother. My grandma is a Taiwanese aborigine. She was broken up with my grandpa and lived alone on a mountain herself since I was a boy. As time went by, my grandma got depression and Alzheimer's disease, and she passed away in an accident.

Therefore, I would like to create the sequences based on my grandmother's real life story and try to do some research on Alzheimer's disease. Additionally, I want to explore more on color palette and try to figure out different emotional feelings and atmospheres in different colors.

▴ <Iwan> cover design.

▴ <Iwan> final artwork.

Master Stage Project: The Love Letter/ 2022

The theme of this short animation film is long-distance relationships. Long-distance couples always have some emotional problems, they would feel the feeling of unsafe when they see some no temperature messages. In contrast, they would feel loved and happy when they see some pictures of they are together.

For me, a long-distance relationship is a kind of silent relationship. We spend most of the time chatting with lovers through texts or GIF stickers or seeing each other faces on screen and listening to their sounds from phones. I think we should always talk about our emotions to our partners, even though they don't love us anymore. Some people might judge that talking with a person who doesn't love you anymore, but I think love should be spoken out, and I don't want to lie to myself about I don't like him.

In this animation, the character expresses his missing and love by writing a letter. The love birds take that love letter, they are flying across mountains and sea, and they are sending love hundreds of miles away.

▴ <The Love Letter> film cover design.

▴ <The Love Letter> screenshot

▴ <The Love Letter> Animated Short Film by Eason Ko