I do like to used acrylic gouache, gouache, colourpencil and soft pastel to create artwork on paper and canvas.
Each piece of original painting only have one, If you appreciate any piece of my works, please click here to contact with me.

< Say Goodbye >

' You should spend how much time to release the feeling of parting? '

It is difficult to say goodbye, but can anyone don't can live without say goodbye?
Can everyone meet again after say goodbye?
Or we can never meet after say that word.

This series record my feeling of my parting and missing.

< The stars in dark >

In 2020, I leaved Hualien, where I was live in for the 4 years of the period of universtiy.

In a night before I leaved Hualien, I saw the road light which illuminate the leaves around him when I was sitting on my friend' s motorbike.

Suddenly, I got the inspiration to create this series of works.

' Maybe we do not need to prove ourselves hardly, just need to keep going, and the light will always illuminate you. '

Homesickness >

This series of works express my feeling of home.

When I finsihed high school programme, I leave my hometownand went to other county to study university.
Everytimes when I missed my home, I would fall into a sademotion, I could not break free from it, except drawing.

I wanted to record this kind of depressed feelings, and tryto use them to create wonderful artworks.

< Taiwan >

This series started in 2018 and continues to create this series of artworks.

< Taiwan > Inspired by Taiwanes traditional market and daily scenery. I tried to record the relationship and warm between Taiwanese people, and hope it can convey love and happy to you.

I used colorful oil color pencils to created this series of works. In the part of composition, I fill up all of paper which make the work become abundant.


2017 - 2020