Alone with technical generation is coming, digital art is becoming a well- know art material. Some people call digital art is ' digital print ' , but some say it is not a real art.

My digital artworks provide ' canvas printed ' and ' postcard ' , to be the way of collection. The prices is depend on the size, materials and quality. If you fall in love with any digital works, please click here to contact with me. 

< LOVE >

2020 / This work got The UK colleage of Arts& Design Graphic Design Competition / Gold Prize
This Work is one piece of < Homesickness >. It tell every mothers wait for their children to come home.

< The Wizard of Oz >

series / 2019 / This series of works got 3x3 internatilna illustration competition / honorable mention。

< The wizard of Oz > is s well know children's book story which wrote by Lehman Brothers.

I first read this story when I worked in a publishing company. I was falling in love with the character of story, especially Tin Woodman.

Tin Woodman is a robot which seek for a real heart. He made me to think that, even is a robot, he still wish could have a real heart. In the contrast, some people who already have a heart, but they are not charish their life. This magical story gave me an inspiration to think about life. That is why I created the series of works.

< The Kiwi Bird Fall in Love with The Girl >

2018 / This work got 2018 Adobe X CLIPS Japan international illustration competition Honorable mention。

< Homesicknee >

2019-2020 / series / This series got 109th National Dong Hwa University Department of ARTS& DESIGN / The first prize of graduation. 

This is the digital version of < Homesickness >.
When I draw this series of works, I used digital drawing to check the composition and colors before draw on paper. This method makes the composition and colors become ideally before draw on paper.
Although this method would spend more time compare to draw on paper directly, but use digital drawing to make drafting, which can not only modify the color repeatedly, but also use filter to create atmosphere.

< Happy Zoo Friends >

Holiday Cards


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